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Artist: CYCLOTIMIA (@)
Title: Eschaton
Format: CD
Label: Stateart (@)
Rated: *****
After their previous MCD released in 2003 Cyclotimia just released, always for Stateart, their second full lenght titled ESCHATON. Referring to their music as "L'electronique mondial" the Russian duo perform eleven new tracks which define at the best their apocalyptic experimental / ambient music. They have always been against the modern business world and the ESCHATON's cover, which represents a sort of mix between Wall Street meet the Hieronymus Bosch inferno, show really well this concept. The music "paints" a tense scenario where samples (news report, Pope Giovanni Paolo II, etc) help defining the players of the imaginary movie that see Cyclotimia playing its soundtrack. Most of the tracks use rhymths to underline the dramatic issue of titles like "Leviathan", "Shelter", "Crusade" or "Gloria" while synth pads are like death whistles of crushing planes. Along with the music tracks you can also find the beautiful video of "Some place" (track coming from their 2002 E.P. "Same time same place")where you can check how well Cyclotimia music works as a soundtrack of our modern sad times.

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