Music Reviews

Artist: JANE
Title: Berserker
Format: CD
Label: Paw Tracks (@)
Rated: *****
Jane is a duo formed by Noah Lennox and Scott Mon and BERSERKER is their latest release. Judging by the cover I was expecting something annihilating or extremely violent but the first moments of the main theme suggested me that something else was going on. Starting with a guitar loop (which recalled me the Boyd Rice homonymous album), the track present a throbbing background made out of feedback and various noises that come and go, while a distant litany build the main theme. "Agg report" is like a mixture of early Whitehouse (do you remember the feedback effect that remember the birds?) and ambient just to turn into an experimental / ambient tune where you find the chanting vocal playing with pads while a bass drum sign the passing time. "Slipping away" present a similar structure of the track before but instead of being ambient based is more electro. The track sounds like a musical litany which go berserk on the last three minutes thank to metallic percussions and variuos effects. The last twenty four minutes track "Swan" is available only on the CD version of BERSERKER and it is a sort of dark ambient track where a tone is the main structure and the vocals along with the simple synth lines tell us that the swan isn't feeling really well (if you pardon my sarcasm). To be honest the Jane's experimentalism didn't catch my attention that much. Maybe the lack of structure and the chant improvisations affected my opinion but I feel that something is missing. Sometimes "Swan" made me feel the sensation of listening to music made by two guys who were playing around with things and this ins't too catchy for my taste.

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