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Artist: HUM
Title: Ether Rider
Format: 7"
Label: Drone Records
Rated: *****
Surprisingly coming on "normal" black vinyl, with a b/w photo on the cover, this is a most surprising ep from Russian soundmaker Hum, after a few DIY tapes and cdrs, witnessing Drone Records' increasing interest in the blooming Eastern experimental scene. Declared sound sources are "tapes, tapeloops and analogue synth", and the style is... can I say "power-minimalism"? The title track is a semi-static, but powerful hum (sorry, couldn't avoid that), while "Crucible", on side b, is more rhythmical, with an obsessive use of looped sounds - both seem to merge the work of historical minimalists like La Monte Young or Charlemagne Palestine with the noisy heaviness of post-industrial, and create a strong, extremely promising visiting card.

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