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Apr 14 2005
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Artist: CODE MACHINE (@)
Title: No Time
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Frédéric Hélière is the man behind the Code Machine project and NO TIME is his first album. The thirteen tracks of the CD present a good powerful sound which is a blend of future pop and e.b.m. which mix classic '80s e.b.m. solutions with the melody of modern electro pop. The resulting sound is throbbing, danceable and sometimes it seems a fastened version of the old Die Form (if you know "Autolyse" you know what I mean), where synths are used like razor blades. Sometimes distorted guitars come by just to add some rage. Most of the tracks are good enough to be released by a label (with a little production re-tuning) and it isn't a case if Frédéric is looking for someone insterested enough into his project. He's already preparing new tracks for a new album. Give them a try by visiting his website.

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