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Artist: Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Title: Halo Star
Format: CD
Label: Projekt (@)
Distributor: Ryko Disribution (US), Iris, Audioglobe (Europe), Nova Media Distribution (Germany)
Rated: *****
After 18 years of making music, one of the most well respected and deserving groups of the US darkwave scene is back with their 9th album Halo Star. Fans of the band will warmly welcome this return and will be surprised by the changes. The album is described as a return and a departure at the same time. Some of the original sonorities have been recovered and integrated with BTFABG's more recent ones but, as many bands do (maybe mimicking this one...) the balance between the male and female vocals have been maintained and taken further with an additional female vocalist as well as percussions, guitars, bass, dulcimer, flute, violin and all the other good old analog and digital electronics. People looking for beautiful, relaxing, rapturing dark melodic wave music with medieval influences will love this, so will people into labels such as 4AD, Fossil Dungeon, Middle Pillar and of course Projekt, one of the most hard working, long lasting record labels in the US dark scene history, run by the very Sam Rosenthal who also started Black Tape for a Blue Girl in the eighties. You can buy this CD from Projekt for less than 12 bucks (and it even comes with a beautiful full colour booklet).

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