Music Reviews

Artist: LETHARGY (@)
Title: In-Macula Remixes
Format: CD EP
Label: Black Flames Records/e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
We have here a long awaited follow-up CDEP of LETHARGY’s impressive debut "In-Macula", out somewhere at the fall of 2003. But to tell you the truth, and maybe you have heard or read about it in online forums: this EP will maybe never officially released because the band and their label Black Flames ended up all co-operations in some bad terms. The whole situation seems very unclear and difficult for outsiders, so I advise you to make your contact to the band, the management Hellcity or the German distributor E-Noxe who could help here. To the music: LETHARGY do present us here a long 10 track EP which features several remix works by more (both Alfa Matrix recording acts IMPLANT and NEIKKA RPM...) or less known names (ISENNGARD from Mexico, MORPH UNKOWN from the USA...). This release was designed to bring some more danceable attitudes to the usually more melancholic stuff of this band. Some of the presented remix works can easily used to keep the dancefloors of all dark halls burning ("The Golden Light" and "Emotion" remixed by LETHARGY themselves, "Future Time" remixed by IMPLANT...). Most outstanding piece is the remix work on "Nothing to Hide" done by the French Electronica act OIL 10. Clear and marvelous female vocal performances done by Mayte Cruz and a rich melodic musically content make an impressive effort both enjoyable at home as well as useable on the dancefloors. Strong diversity is present here through the musically very different directions of the chosen remix bands although the whole atmospheric content get lost. Impressive release of a talented band hailing from Spain. It is a pity that their situation is currently very difficult and I wish them the very best that they will soon find a way to be present with new stuff for the audience.

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