Music Reviews

Artist: Sliptbeat / Rumpistol
Title: Copenhagen Jazz
Format: 10"
Label: Auditory Designs recordings (@)
Distributor: VME
Rated: *****
Not sure whether the CD is fucked up or my player doesn't like cheap CD-Rs, but it doesn't matter too much because the original for-sale version of this split EP is actually released by Auditory Designs recordings on 10" vinyl (beautiful format)...I didn't get much listening out of this but from the few un-affected minutes, I could tell that Splitbeat are into jazzy downbeat lounge-chillout. They are a Danish duo that uses drums, electronica, rhodes, trumpet and vocal samples. The flip side is left up to the electronic artist Rumpistol, who I didn't get the pleasure to check out because of what I said above, but who I read offers a 12-minute-long track called "Crowds" featuring the talented Rasmus Kjærsgaard on tenor saxophone.Basically what we have here is an all-Danish product, three tracks, nice rare format, beautiiful relaxing music from Northern Europe, just what you need to cuddle up in these cold days.

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