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Artist: Sasha
Title: Involver
Format: CD
Label: Global Underground (@)
Rated: *****
I've already reviewed this record back in June when I was sent the advance promo copy by their promoter MSO so I won't be repeating what I already said. You can read my review by clickin on the name Sasha at the top of the review ( It's a great album, very intense, very true. Finally a different type of DJ album, where the DJ really is a musician and a producer and doesn't just label and market himself as such simply because he installed Reason on his computer. Sasha is a complete artist, one who takes his art beyond the mere act of mixing a bunch of records together in one continuous flow of music, one who re-works, possibly re-writes other people's songs, a symbiosis of a remixer, a mixer, a producer, an arranger, a writer, a Dj. Sasha is all of this and "Involver"'s re-elaborations of music by Unkle, Felix Da Housecat, Grand National, Spooky and Ulrich Schnauss prove it! What is really outstanding and worthy of mention and pretty much convinced me to review this album one more time is the art-work and packaging that the final release of "Inolver" comes in. I've never seen anything as beautiful and original. You'll have to see it yourself. The CD is packed in between a bunch of glossy postcard looking photos with notes about the song on the back (one photo for every song) plus cards for credits, back cover, front cover and more. All of these cards are shaped like a square with its outside edges bent inward. All of this is inserted inside an equally shaped soft plastic unfolding shell... Truly unique and magnificent... and what do you know, this review turned out longer than the original one ;-)

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