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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: New Sound Theory volume 3
Format: CD
Label: BasicLux records (@)
Rated: *****
I missed volume no.2 of the New Sound Theory compilations and I guess with that I didn't realize this cool label from Atlanta, Georgia, had been slightly changing ita ways. This third volume seems to continue with BasicLux's ongoing drift toward dancier shores. Seductive, mood-setting, chilling lounge & club motifs that will warm up every dancefloor, liven up every lounge, and spice up summer nights at music bars all around the globe. The CD comes in a beautifully packaged jewel case with a carboard wrapping case and features music by Night at the Baracuda, Fairytale of a New Day, Wamdue Project (remember the 1999 top selling "King of My Castle" single?), Lumiere, Madison Park of course, Goldlust, Perfect Porject, Lenny B, DJ Kemit, OzOn, Mudfish, Paul T, Soulfeenix & BiTeR mc, GrooveOholics, Junkyard, Bokster.

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