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Feb 18 2005
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Artist: Peas (@)
Title: Filters
Format: CD
Label: Kanpai records
Distributor: Domo
Rated: *****
DJ, drummer and producer Peter "Peas" McEvilley started out in Miami and toured as a drummer with Inna Sense. He also wrote for Hollywood records, Miramax, ABC and is producing an all female band called the Gemz. After the Earthdance/United Beats of Peace Tour, he decided to make a CD whose tracks were to include a sample of Japanese world music master Kitaro. If you are a Kitaro fan you might recognize every sample in these songs, but if you aren't or you just can't tell because they are seamlessly mixed in with Peas' downtempo electronica, fear not, you are still in for a treat. "Filters" will delight you with soft and smooth breakbeat lounge music made even more enjoyable by female vocals. Another fine and refined electronic music release from Kanpai records.

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