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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: A Very Unschooled Christmas
Format: CD
Label: Unschooled records (@)
Rated: *****
I wish we had this CD to give away when we had our anti-Xmas "Kill Santa!" CD giveaway a few months ago, it would have been the perfect soundtrack for that contest, or for the Billy Bob Thorton movie "Bad(der) Santa" for that matter!!! Yeah, this is an even badder or deader santa we're talking about... Unschooled records packed together twelve electronic artists who took turns at destroying every merry Xmas song you can think of, from "Little Drummer Boy", to "Do They Know it's Christmas Time?", from "O Holy Night" to "Silent Night", from " White Christmas" to "Jingle Bells", from "O Little Town of Bethlehem" to another half a dozen classics. If you know the artists involved (Decomposure, Captain Ahab, Plat, Multi-Panel, A Bit Crusher, 1980, Doofgoblin, Ochre, Obliminal, 1st Class Lounge, Plan 29, Skates) you must know that you'll be dealing with majestically performed and skillfully programmed step electronics, glitch electronics, break beats, drum and bass, break core, noise, lounge etc. Equal parts of freakiness, quirkiness, coolness, noisiness, grooviness... It's great music with a great unconventional and anti-conformist sinister twist!

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