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Title: On My Own + On My Own Remixed
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
Minimal, melodic and sometimes melancholic, Janosch Moldau made two really good versions of his debut single ON MY OWN. Unfortunately Janosch has been caught by the music industry fever of releasing a second version of the single (including exclusive remixed version of the tracks), even if only one CD could include them all. Fortunately all the tracks of the two CDs are good enough to pass on this fact. The first single contains the original version of the song plus an "extended step mix", a new track "Life is moving" and a remix of "Redeemer", track that will give the title to Janosch's first album. The second single, contains five tracks: three remixes of ON MY OWN ("Carbonate mix" "New hookpark mix" and "Liquid theme") and two remixes of "We are laughing" ("Grain could mix" and "Exit mix"). All the remixes are kinda ambient with some i.d.m. inserts and give a new life to the synthpop tune of the original versions. Also, the original version of the tracks isn't strictly the kind of synthpop influenced only by 80's, because on those ones you can find modern electronic arrangements and digital sounds. Even if this is the first release of the project I can say that Janosch is ready to perform head to head with the big names of the electronic scene. Well done...

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