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Implant: You Can Watch / My Gun

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Feb 08 2005
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Artist: Implant (@)
Title: You Can Watch / My Gun
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Rated: *****
Implant....a famous Belgian act in the scene in Belgium, and outside . Originally started in 1992, their first release was born in 1996. Making progress with their own unique electro sound, they have positively grown strong through the years and this special DJ edition, limited on 150 copies, is yet the 11th Implant introduction (besides the appearance on various compilations) to the world and a warning for their new album which will appear mid March. Basicly this 69 minutes long remix EP exists of 4 basic songs from which 9 are remixed by other acts, and 2 remixed by Implant. Implant's sound these days is a mix between dark electro, techno and snippets of goa-trance with vo-coded vocals by Len (one of the founders) and Els (a new female introduction). Remixers on this little bomb are Architect (Daniel Myer), Electric Universe, Delobbo, Spies, Monolith, Neon Electronics, Vendas Novas, XP8 and Diskonnekted. Another surprise is the collaboration of Anne Clark (remember "Our Darkness" or "Metropolis" back in the '80's ?) who injects her poetical wisdom on the tracks "Tune Up Your Chips And Circuits" and "Surface Tension".
*WARNING* This DJ EP is a bomb. This is much more than the typical dark electro-techno sound. This is clubfloor stuff asking for pounding speakers, sharp ears and active dancing people. The presented remixers add their own flavour to it, some uplifting it to dark techno and goa-trance with some industrial edges. My superfavs on this limited edition are the remixes done by Spies , Neon Electronics (a member from The Neon Judgement), Architect and the 'Acid Frenzy Remix' done by themself.
No doubt, this is not a cheap end product. Carefully listening makes you discover little hidden soundsnippets between the hypnotizing rhythms, and marks again the quality of the artist, the involved remixers and the label.


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