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Feb 06 2005
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: FUCK
Format: CD
Label: Hive records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis
Rated: *****
In some instances this record represents a quite radical departure of Hive's normally inhabited territories. Known (at least to me) for producing refined quality breakbeat/noise-electronica oriented discs, Hive puts a new spin on what best represents them (funny, because based on the releases I have reviewed from Hive, I'd think this is almost the least representative, but I guess it's a matter of opinions and of how you wanna look at it). Extensive track selection and planning brought to "FUCK" (at least the title does represent Hive and their motto, because "Hive Records wants you to fuck. Fuck mediocre electronica. Fuck imature scenesters. Fuck censorship. Fuck sitting still, get up and break something" - and for that alone they'd deserve 5 stars, 'cause I fully agree... as long as you leave my Mac alone when you're looking for objects to smash! ;-)). But let's get down and dirty, 'cause everybody gets something out of this! Looking for distorted noise-core? Try the opening track by Pneumatic Detach. Looking for noisy nostromo-ish gabber-core? Look no further than Converter, but Censor or Unter Null will do just as well. Looking for beautiful, dark and at times glitchy electronica? Larvae, Hiv+ and Lapsed will provide you with an awesome example of how well those adjectives mix. Looking for Daft-type rhythm-noise/power-electronics? Railgun, Muted Logic, Exclipsect and Iszoloscope will work out just fine! Looking for spastic, glitchy and frenzy break-electronica/break-core/break-beat or whatever you like calling it? End is your fix. Looking for lush and reverberated trip hop? 32nd Kalpa + Leaf or the heavily jazzy-inspired Mago are just what you need. Looking for an unlikely mixture of Hearts of Darknessess, Beastie Boys, Aphex Twin and Darkraver? You'll be amazed and excited by Concrete Cookie vs Incredibad. Looking for beat-less dark-ambient? Vectorscope will give you a break.
As Hive owner smartly puts it: "DJs and club kids will find as much merit here as headphone recluses". Enjoy (and if you can try to get one of the first 200 copies of the run, which come in a special edition consisting of an extra CD in a slim-dvd box with inserts annd stickers, all in an electrostatic shielding bag like the ones you get your computer cards in).

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