Music Reviews

Dec 27 2004
Artist: Aural Planet (@)
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Vivo records (@)
Rated: *****
Polish trio Aural Planet are at their sixth release already and they keep rocking my world with their warpish melange of organic electronica... "Reworked" walks the fine line between atmospheric ambient, glitch electronics, idm and pure electronica... Strongly influenced by the like of Richard James, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Future Sound of London, Displacer, Mimetic, Dither (you'll know by now that if you are into the sound labels such as of Warp, M-Tronic, OM-Lounge or Unschooled, you pretty much can't escape your moral obligation to purchase this one also!), this album is fantastic in its entirety, and there is no easier way to put it. It's fantastic because it comes from Eastern Europe and sounds like something British, or even vaguely American sometimes (even though I wouldn't have minded some local influences, for example like the Hungarian Gabor Csupo masterfully achieves). What does stand out is the quality of the sounds and of the programming, definitely above average and easily comparable to the great minds of the genres. Awesome.

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