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Artist: EBONY ARK (@)
Title: Ebony Ark
Format: CD
Rated: *****
Spanish band Ebony Ark is at its first work with this selftitled promo CD. They show great technique and compositive qualities since first track, the orchestral intro "Open The Ark (Overture)". Their music can be described, using some violence on terms, as Prog-Gothic Metal, mixing dark and intense atmospheres, neoclassic and baroque influences and a prog attitude. Songs’ structure, even if sometimes simple, shows an always moving and technically complex work, and I hear DREAM THEATER’s mark especially in the guitar lines. Vocals are good and pleasant, melodic but also aggressive in choruses, alternating a deeper timbre, closer to Gothic Metal female voices, and Power Metal high notes. "Night’s Cold Symphony" starts with a disturbing and obscure riff, a slower and heavy rhythmical section, to grow in intensity with the voice’s entrance, like a medieval sacred melody. The song shows a good taste for melody and a complex instrumental intermezzo. "Stones In The Way" is a powerful ride, a bright song with a very good chorus, something closer to ICED EARTH and the above mentioned DT. "Farewell" seems an American rock ballad, but at once shows its metal aggressiveness. Chorus is great, in style with the song, while I think the softer chorus (with male vocals) and the too long and virtuoso intermezzo make the track lose the immediacy it needs. It could be a single to let the band go out of their fans’ base. "Dreaming Silence" is a well made song but I can’t find the right hook, even if the melodic chorus is very touching. Probably, as in the previous track, there’s too much, in terms of notes and parts. Progressive, as jazz, is a great way to express all the emotions a musician feels without the cage of a restricted genre, but on the other hand is not so simple for a listener to follow the music and fly, and often seems a pleased soliloquy. This promo ends with a cover of Flashdance’s well known track "What a Feeling", starting with a piano but soon exploding in a heavier and involving way.A very good work, they’ve only to give more importance to songs and not to show everywhere their technique.

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