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Artist: James D. Stark (@)
Title: Fortress Of Solitude
Format: CD
Distributor: A Different Drum
Rated: *****
James D. Stark is a classical trained pianist who have the skills to make beautiful darkwave music. To paint a visual picture of his debut release "Fortress Of Solitude", all of his songs are about love. A magical moment and a lovely tale of being in love. Ah, imagine Disney use James music for a new animated fairytale love story. Even the voice of James singing is ethereal. So heavenly, he can serenade to a woman by sweeping her off her feet and win her heart. The music have a laidback soft touching feel that will shift you to oblivion where the heavens and the undivided skies are above. The tracks are smoothe and soothing with emotion. It delivers a heart warming compassionate electronic synth-pad solace. Favorites on the album include "Dying Beauty", "Need", "Home", "Sole Desire", the instrumental "Mists", and the remake of Depeche Mode "Halo", which the original composition is re-arrange in a unique way. If you're looking for something soft and mellow down and a album that will fit for your romantic evening with your lover, let James D. Stark be your choice and help set the mood. And if you're a darkwave fan who's looking for something totally very different, this is the album to buy.

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