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Title: Killing Dreams
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Before the real review, a little of history: Creating.Paradise duo was already active on early '90s as Syncout. In 1997 with the end of the first project, Bjoern Muehlnickel decided to create new stuff under the Creating.Paradise monicker. At the beginning he focused the new project on dreamy electro instrumental tracks. 1998 saw the release of the first Creating.Paradise album with Bjoern Honert as guest musician. Four years after and with Bjoern Honert back on the line up of the band, they released a new album titeld "Thru the valley of darkness". On early 2004 they prepared a new album "Render inconscious" but since they hit the 47th position at the Sonic Reducer band contest, out of the 50 contestors, they decided to put it back and to work on something different. KILLING DREAMS is the result of their waiting and it brings to the audience seven tracks influenced by '90s electro (early Haujobb, In Strict Confidence, etc) where dreamy reverbered sounds duet with pumping rhythms and nice melodies. The atmosphere of the CD is quite good: there isn't a real track which could function as single (maybe "Fingerprints" could be the one, because of its catchy melody) but generally KILLING DREAMS is a good work. Sometimes the dreamy approach takes an hold and this coulbe a weak point and a distinctive mark of the band at the same time (judgement is upon the listener's taste), but for sure we aren't talking about lousy tracks or bad musical approach. A band to consider...

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