Music Reviews

Artist: Hocico
Title: Wrack and Ruin
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Metropolis
Hocico's long, gothy intro builds into an explosion of heavy beats that made me think momentarily of gabber at half-speed. Edgy electronic melodies creep in and entwine with the beats. Finishing the sound is the threatening hiss of the vocals. Ultimately what is crafted is a dangerous, cutting bloody blade of electro steel cutting into the center of your brain. Hocico is certainly one of the darker acts on Metropolis Records (and that really is saying something), yet there's an uncanny ability exhibited on "Wrack and Ruin" (the new release) to bring to bear new wave influences that somehow enhance the overall dark intent of the music. Well-crafted and cynical aggro-industrial.

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