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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: The Scariest Weapon
Format: CD
Label: Invasion Wreckchords (@)
Distributor: Ant Zen
Rated: *****
Presented as a breakcore compilation by Invasion Wreckchords, THE SCARIEST WEAPON is effectively what it is presented for: an in your face powerful distorted and rhythmical gathering of bands coming from all over the world and generally from the Ambassador 21's list of friends. The CD opens its battle with a live track by Axiome ("Poque") to continue without loosing any bpm with the Ambassador 21's remix of Synascape's "Wings". The following sixteen tracks don't tend to relax the tension created with the first ones and they beat the eardrums as much as possible by exploring each field of the breakcore/hardcore genre by focusing their tracks on distortion and noise (Cocktail Lytique, Lgor, Estonji, Thee Vaporizer, Retrigger, Eiterherd & Society Suckers, Low Entropy, Mimaku Spldat), rhythimcal based tracks with some melodic issue (Not Half, Kirdec, Frgment King, Fanny & Natasha, Sickboy and Ambassador 21) and ambient industrial with some incursion into rhythm craziness (Az Rotator, Matt Demmon and Somatic Responses). This compilation has been made for the fans of tension and noise. There isn't much variety about the sounds but there's enough breakcore for you all...

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