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Artist: VENUS FLY TRAP (@)
Title: Zenith
Format: CD
Label: Big Blue Records (@)
Rated: *****
First release after 1997's album "Dark amour", ZENITH bring back to our attention Venus Fly Trap again. The sound is darker respect the previous release and blends goth atmospheres with electronic inserts and a little bit of Joy Division/Sister Of Mercy melodies (even if some parts of "Twilight opera" and "Naked ape", the vocal lines mainly, remember me the early Valor). Songs like "Sabotage" or "Neon" haven't got driving rhythms but the atmosphere is catchy and crawly at the same time. I must admit that even if I liked the tracks at a first listening it took a couple of times to being trapped. It is difficult to find a electro/dark/rock band with a personal sound but Venus Fly Trap are a reality for all the lovers of the genre!

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