Music Reviews

Artist: The Sins (@)
Title: The Beginning
Format: CD
Label: Sinister (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
Progression is what I describe the band and their debut release "The Beginning". Their music is so mature with a profound 100% pure sensational goth rock. Guitar driven goth bands from the 80's like The Mission, Fields Of Nephilim, and The Sisters of Mercy, influence innovating Seattle based underground band. They combine slick melodic vibe by fusing past sounds of the British punk with their modern rock influences and ideas. A cultivating band who is able to break through the cutting edge of rock. The Sins is a diamond in the rough by having their claws scratching the surface and painting a visual picture to get to the point by expressing anger and exceed to take you on a mystery ride like The Doors. Thought provoking lyrics that will draw you near and the sound of a bowed violin delivers a sweet melody that blends with the heavy guitars. All 11 tracks provide a solitude thinking feel and will redeem you. The Sins are truly the real missing dark rock in the 21st Century.

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