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Title: Moon Attraction
Format: CD EP
Label: Equinoxe Records (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****

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Debut Ep for this German band, free from the excessive bonds of the "Gothic" scene. Music can surely be described as Dark Rock, but the various influences the band shows and the will to avoid copying the too abused Eldritch’s deep voice, give a personality to these new comer and puts them outside the flock. Songs are fresh, above all good rock music, with good choruses and harmony among musicians.After the short intro "The Temple of Twilight", the first song "Misery" starts as an intense ballad, a mid tempo with a strong emotional charge, exploding as a desperate cry. The following "Anywhere" enforces this rock attitude: I imagine an 80-’90 American hard-rock band playing in a empty room, but with a darker feeling. The result, I must admit, is touching. "Firewalking" starts with a piano, again a midtempo, with a violin giving an atmosphere à la apocalyptic folk (SOL INVICTUS, but it’s the only similitude), then a break, something like a bell freezes the air, and a dramatic ’80 New Wave guitar riff explodes, introducing a pressing and rhythmic chorus, with a good keyboard work. "Into the Light", in my opinion, is the best song, since the first notes it sweep you away with a heavy wall of sound and the chorus is damn good. Rhythm section and guitar give their best performance. "Poison", good song with some ’70 LED ZEPPELIN influences in the guitar "obbligato", in the choruses shows Darc’s voice at his dirtiest point, a gothic Rod Stewart or QUIREBOYS’ Spike.Surely many things can be done better, both in arrangements and production, some passages give the impression of a bit "out of phase" at the beginning of "Firewalking", for example. But this is only the first TOT’s work, an Ep and I expect good things from this ensemble. Well Done!

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