Music Reviews

Oct 07 2004
Artist: TV (@)
Title: Filth Lust Lies
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is one of the few industrial e.b.m. album of the last period that convinced me immediately. There are no distorted vocals and neither fashion stuff you are used to see with famous bands which recently seem to focus their efforts on which cloth pick up for a photo session. Tv's FILTH LUST LIES contains eleven excellent tracks with good selling points: good melodies, driving rhymthic section, good sounds and they're also boredom free! Musically the CD is paying its tribute to the classic e.b.m. bands of the '80s (do you remember KK Records?) but there's nothing nostalgic into Tv's music. This CD rule guys and it sounds really inspired. Give it a try!

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