Music Reviews

Jun 02 2002
Title: Herzattacke
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Sony
Anticipating the fifth In Strict Confidence's CD (which will be released on June the tenth) titled "Mistrust The Angels", HERZATTACKE bring us a band which in the years gathered increasing interest and which with this mini CD sees a major company taking them under its wing and a deal with Sony for sure can help the band getting much more exposure (let's say so, even if I've got some example that demonstrate the contrary. Anyway...). The fifty minutes of the CD show a different band respect old CDs like "Face The Fear" or "Angels Anger Overkill" but this isn't shockig, as for the band it has been a continuing evolution. The tracks are well produced, dancey and all but I feel a lack of energy. I don't know, but it could be that five remixes of the same track plus three new ones (but "Kaleidoskop" is an instrumental track) could be attractive for a fan of the band but honestly I prefer the old sound, really. Let's wait for the album...

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