Music Reviews

Artist: Mollyllama
Title: Albatross 2
Format: CD
Label: Stiffink (@)
Now here's a band that doesn't sound like everyone else. Mollyllama's "Albatross 2" is a CD that manages to resemble various things without actually sounding like any of them. At times subdued, drifting dark rock with vocals calling from a distant, at other times running with some churnier energy (but still subdued and moody), Mollyllama touches on a variety of offbeat influences, such as The Cure, David Bowie, shoegazer stuff and ... and ... and ... Jesus, who knows? Psychedelic, trippy and just a little gothy, but in a good, not pretentious, way, Mollyllama has crafted a floating river of emotional collision whose impact is subtle and relies on the listener being floated into the music for a ride along the underground.

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