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Artist: Libitina (@)
Title: The Shadowline
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****

This is the third album by Libitina, a UK goth band, Libitina. As one of the rising goth acts of our time Libitina combines elements from the more traditional goth-rock sound with modern rock and synth elements. This album sees a bit more focus on the electronics but without losing any of the traditional goth heart and soul. Late 2002 saw the retirement of their previous frontman Peter and this is the first album to feature Phill (Thank the gods it's not Paul) as the main vocalist. Libitina would sit nicely next to bands like Behind the Scenes, Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, and Written In Ashes. I've always liked that Libitina is never too mainstream yet easily accessible while at the same time brings in elements of dark spirituality while not being overt and takes the subtle approach much like Faith & The Muse might. Goth music has always been that which approaches the darker sides of humanity while at the same time being unafraid to inquire about the unknown and Libitina does this nicely. Great to listen to in your bedroom, private dungeon, or stomp on the dancefloor to. The mixing of electronics into traditional goth-rock has somewhat blurred the lines between Darkwave and Goth but it seems to be suitable when bands like Libitina can maintain the more traditional sounding elements of the Gothic genre without losing it to the coldness of electronics. Nicely done!

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