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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: FUTURA electronica downtempo vol.1
Format: CD
Label: Abysoma (@)
Distributor: Ibiza Music & Clothes (company of Cafe del Mar)
Rated: *****
"Futura, the other sounds of the electronic music" is a radio show hosted by Luis Junior in Spain and this sampler is basically a best of whatever Junior plays during his shows. This CD brings you fourteen tracks of relaxed, chill out lounge electronica, downtempo, minimal ambient with different shades of jazzy, funky, avant-garde nature by mostly Spanish artists including Luis Junior himself, Funkana, Nuits de Songs, Fluflo, Mantrox, B-Flow, The Other Room, Nanotek and Croma Lite. The CD comes in a nice digi-pack. The Futura radio show is aired every Sunday on Dance FM from 10pm to 1am CET in various cities in the Madrid area and can also be streamed online at

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