Music Reviews

Artist: YNEY
Title: Antarctina
Format: CD
Label: Electroshock (@)
Rated: *****
Yney is a project formed by three different and particular musicians: Jury Orlov, Igor Shaposhnikov and Andrew Kireev. ANTARCTINA is their first release as Yney but each of them have got several other releases and you can visit the band page on the label's website to get more informations. Anyway, this release convinced me immediately as the eight tracks have got an experimental approach being accessible at the same time. Someway they had on me the effect that Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity" or Scorn's "White irisis blind" had. The tracks are capable of catching audience's attention in no time with their driving rhythms and they could be used also in alternative clubs even if their are more experimental than club friendly. Ever wanted to listen to a different dub ambient album? Well, with ANTARCTINA you've got the opportunity to listen to a good album that break the classic dub rules mixing them with early electronica.

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