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Artist: Sasha
Title: Involver
Format: CD
Label: Global Underground (@)
Rated: *****
This is how every DJ's album should be made in the new millennium! Finally somebody that displays some serious creativity and hands-on production, and, what do you know, from the one I maybe least expected it. After the success of "Airdrawndagger", two years ago, Dj Sasha's new album "Involver" (to be released June 22nd) presents an artist that has undergone some serious artistic growth and evolution, a Dj that has taken Djing to the next (ultimate?) level: each and every track has been written, remixed, re-produced or re-edited for the sole purpose of the creation of this album. So it's more than just spinning and mixing and blending a bunch of records together, Sasha's "Involver" is almost a real artist album. Contrarywise to the live environment he now has the tools and the time to make everything sound as if it is his own creation, and most importantly he chooses to do so. The tracklist includes pieces by Grand National, Shpongle, Petter, Unkle, The Youngsters, Spooky, Lostep, Felix da Housecat, Ulrich Schnauss. Sasha's artistic re-working covers all grounds from ambient, to funky-dance, from house to chill out, from electronica to lounge music, from world beats to latin-brazilian influences. Lots of ethereal voices and arrangments find their way into the sneaky electronica-based format of "Involver", which totally makes it a winner in my book.

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