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Title: Barokken (1600-1750)
Format: CD
Label: TIBprod (@)
Rated: *****
Norwegian artist André Hardang Borgen (involved in several other projects, including the Norwegian Noise Orchestra) collects here ten tracks recorded between 1997 and 2003. As the time period is quite relevant, I wonder if they're presented in chronological order. Anyway, Borgen is into glitchy muzak, very often reminding of Oval in its half detached half obsessive use of minimalist loops and clicks. Rhythms are there, though not obtrusively - "sjSkft" sounds like a crazed videogame, "666+888" is almost "regular", and "just a mouse-click away", one of the best tracks, is hypnotic and tribal. The main problem is that there are good ideas but they almost always remain sketches, which can put off the listener after a while. The last track, "Kunst-hus", is definitely the best one, and a promising direction if it's the most recent by Borgen's: a recognizable, nostalgic (guitar?) melody, gentle crackling electronics and a sweet whispered voice. More "song-like" than everything else in the cd, and surely more engaging for the listener.

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