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Title: Mistakes
Format: CD
Label: Neus318 (@)
Distributor: C.U.E. Records
Rated: *****
Composed between 2002 and 2003 as a mutual manipulation of sounds, "Mistakes" is an album of (mostly?) electroacoustically processed guitar sounds. The inputs, whatever their original form may have been, were de- and re-composed into a sort of primitive idea of guitar: just metal and electricity. Kazuya Ishigami (aka Daruin, Billy? member and Neus318 owner) offers two tracks: the first one is made of several fragments, minimal scratches and autistic granular sounds. Track 2 begins with a gentle arpeggio (the only recognizable guitar playing in the whole disc!), soon to be smashed into digital particles, loops, drones, reverses and delays. More varied than track 1, but not as cohesive, and unfortunately ending with abused harsh noise. Swiss impro-guitarist Tomas Korber opts for a much more subdued approach: his track opens with almost lowercase low frequencies, to gradually rise up to a droning mass (circa isolationist ambient), and then fall again into silent ashes. An interesting record, with several fascinating moments (especially in Korber's), just not that cohesive throughout.

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