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Artist: FLEUR (@)
Title: Magic
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Coming from Ukraine, Flëur started as a duo formed by Olga Pulatova (piano and vocals) and Elena Voynarovskaya (guitar and vocals). They released a couple of CD before joining Prikosnovenie (as it seems from their unofficial website at and re-releasing their debut CD and this new one titled MAGIC. Anyway, let's consider this new release their second album as it doesn't matter being too picky when you've got to focus your attention on what's inside their new release and when you'll listen to this new CD, you'll agree with me. Flëur's music is joyful and inspired and sometimes remember Cocteau Twins because of the use of the voice but I found them really personal and intriguing as their melody is simple but their song's structure it isn't. The musical virtuosity of the various instruments (piano, acoustic guitar, flute, etc) form thirteen pleasant moments full of melancholy, joy and atmosphere. Flëur as many other label's bands wants to create a certain dreamy atmosphere but instead of basing their sound on synth pads they let their acoustic instruments do the talking and this pleased me, because they did it using melody. My preferences go to "The Ballad Of White Wings And Scarlet Petals", "Medallion" (this one is the most Cocteauish song of the lot), "Never", "The String" and "Legion". This isn't goth, neither new wave or folk... it's Flëur.

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