Music Reviews

Artist: Butterfly Messiah (@)
Title: Priestess
Format: CD
Label: The Fossil Dungeon (@)
It's been quite a while since I last heard F242 being mentioned as an influence, but thanks to Butterfly Messiah some good old memories came back ;-). Anyway, they also throw in Dead Can Dance, New Order, Die Form, Miranda Sex Garden and Loreena McKennit, so from that you can gather that we are dealing with a quite unique mix of synthpop, dark, ebm and industrial. I am not too much into this, but I can tell you that "Priestess" is nine tracks made up of very old drum machine sounds and bass lines, orchestral synth pads, reso synth lines, traditional ebm male vocal parts (often treated) and melodious dark female vocals (often angelic falsettos). Couple in music and in life (a third member has recently joined), they started in 1998 (after individual experiences) and seem to have a quite impressive following (claimed figures such as Top 5, 27'000 downloads, 10'000 monthly hits would be proof of that) and this is their first real debut CD (after an appearance on Cleopatra's "Unquiet Grave III" sampler and a couple of demos). Also worthy of mention are the symbolic and obscure lyrics, which allow for different interpretations. The CD comes with a never-seen-before mirror tray that looks like a heavy metallic surface (really really cool idea!!!) and a nice booklet.

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