Music Reviews

Artist: Infrastructure (@)
Title: Ancient Thrones
Format: CD
Finally another cute girl in the male-dominated industrial scene! It's about time! After a demo and a CD called "The Wasteland", the Massachussets-based one-(wo)man-band Infrastructure is back with this well-packaged 6 tracks CDR EP (limited to 300 copies, so hurry up!) for sale at her cool flash website for just five bucks + cheap shipping. Stacia Tucker's seducing slightly-distorted but calmly sung (instead of screamed, like usually; thank you!) vocals, positively match with the well-programmed mixture of electronic and industrial music she (or somebody else in the same band, I am not sure about that) performs. Strong industrial beats that remind of Autechre in an odd and distant way (when the "grace" notes emulate that particular experimental techno approach), elaborated and sometimes quite sophisticated electronic textures (sometimes recalling Delerium/FLA/Haujobb) with zapping sounds, punching synth-lines, blobbing bass-lines and some other classical old-fashioned "germaniac" ebm sounds... I dig her work 'cause she tries very hard not to necessarily fall back into the obvious footsteps of what so many have already done, re-done and over-done... Her fresh approach to the electro-industrial formula is truly inspiring and gives her lots of credibility in my book!

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