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Artist: Toini
Title: Electronic Biscuits
Format: CD
Label: Mital-U (@)
Swiss female electronic artist Raffaela F. (previously with rock-wave band Micro Kids), aka Toini, is back with a remix cd following her full length album "Amble". "Electronic Busicuits" contains 6 remixes by skillful producer/remixer/Dj Marco Repetto. I don't remember whether he's swiss or italian (I might have met him once) but he is the guy behind the Axodya and Inzec labels, who also performs with Terra Cava Soundsystem and formerly with punk (and beyond) bands Glueams, Grauzone (check this out, it means "gray area"!), Eigernordwand, Suonatori. He's got records out on acid/techno/house/trance labels from all over the world, including Generator (US), Rephlex, T&B Vinyl (UK), Spacefrogs, Trigger, Superstition, Deli-Rium, Essex (Germany), Kromode and Minus Habens' sub-label Disturbance (Italy), El Buho (Switzerland) and of course his own two Swiss labels. He is also part of the Paris-based international TNC network (, a new-media event label dedicated to digital culture & lifestyle who was also behind the worldwide internet/tv y2k Hacking Millennium Party... Anyway, after spinning at loooots of raves (I remember his name on many of bills from the time I lived in Switzerland), playing with bands, releasing and producing music, this talented musician had to do the remix thing and he sure did good. "Electronic Biscuits" is experimental electronic mixed with minimal techno and hi-pass filtered vocals in the style of Kirlian Camera's recent techno journeys (but less apocalyptic and claustrophobic) and with influences that range from the Detroit style and stuff like Jeff Mills to the more experimental, freaky, weird and wired things out there... Vocal loops and far-away hi-freq vocal parts, drum machine sounds and driving kicks, vocoder sounds, synthetic pads etc, it's all there, all you need is the lights and a heavy-duty amp! ;-) Unfortunately I don't have "Amble" here with me and I can't remember how it sounded, but I think this is totally different stuff, proof that a good remixer is able to give songs a whole new life by turning them into autonomous compositions, which is what I think should be the goal of every remix (not like some other producers who think they can just sync a 4/4 tekkno kick sample and the remix is well and done!).
PS For those of you who're into dadaism/situationism, I found out with great surprise and pleasure that Mital-U has some interesting information on their site about that.

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