Music Reviews

Title: Spectral Afterglow
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Coming from Romania, Narkoleptik started as a duo in the year 2000. The music was mostly based on horror soundtracks but after a year, when K.Y. left, Damon produced a noisy first release titled "Penitence" slightly changing, in this way, the music style of the project. At fall of 2002 Damon started to produce Narkoleptik's new release, shifting the sound from a noisy industrial approach to a more dark ambient based sound. The six tracks of SPECTRAL AFTERGLOW are slow, floating and dark, for sure, but listening them I feel they could work well as movie soundtracks as the atmosphere isn't static. You know, when you listen to some dark ambient releases the most immediate effect is to be trapped into a different dimension where you've got your feet tied to a stone and the weight make you fall into the deepest region of nowhere. Well, this isn't the effect I feel with Narkoleptik. The sounds are like magmatic loops which sometimes reach distortion, sometimes little pieces of melody comes out through the synthetic walls mesmerizing the listener. The first four tracks are really intriguing while "Vapours From The Tomb" and the minimal and 39 minutes long "Nightcloud Amnesia", convinced me less at a first approach but I think they need several listenings. This is a good self produced CD, give it a a try...

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