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Artist: Bunker Soldier (@)
Title: Triple Threat
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Neo Cultural Front records
Rated: *****

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Texas-based aviation electronics graduate, scuba instructor, airline pilot and, of course, musician Timothy Tyran and his project Bunker Soldier (really a trio) displays a great and rare to find a maturity in songwriting and production. Believe it or not he has been around making music and performing live for 10 years but has released only 2 records so far. To celebrate the decade, his third release, this 3 tracks CD single entitled "Triple Threat", came out. Sporting great music, dynamism and energy, Bunker Soldier goes from an aggressive and holy sounding heavily middle eastern influenced track, to what could be the next electronica anthem in every club across the world, only to wrap it up with a dancefloor-friendly electro tune."Warlocked" couldn't come at a better time and sounds like an Arab/American/German mixture of industrial/metal/rai influenced by Die Krupps, Front Line Assembly, Muslimgauze and Null Device."Flying" features 21 year old Norwwegian jazz singer Hildegunn Surdall and layers pads, heavenly voices and strong electronic textures in a way that reminds of Conjure One/Delerium."Fiirewall" is another instrumental track with some guitar activity, but mostly sticks around Gary Numan influenced electronic-dance territories.I am not familiar with his previous records unfortunately, and unless you consider heterogeneousness a minus, this is truly a great release and a fantastic celebration. I am looking forward to hear more (hopefully this CD-S will lead us to a full lenght album before another three years go by).

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