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Artist: Dj Purry Pants (@)
Title: Free CD
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Ok, I have no idea who Dj Purry Pants is. Google has no idea who Dj Purry Pants is. And it certainly doesn't help when Dj Purry Pants sends me a 3" mini CD-R with absolutely nothing but his email, the envelope it was sent into, the postal stamp and the NY post mark (which I guess means Dj Purry Pants is in NY). Hell I don't even know if this CD is supposed to be self-titled or if the words "Free CD" that he printed on the envelope are supposed to be the title of this "thing", whatever this is... I hate when people do this to us! Anyway, 5 tracks, one minute each: (1) low-fi bluesy harominca solo, (2) a meowing cat, (3) a crazy string instrument solo, (4) a cheesy radio song and (5) some percussive sounds made with bottles or something... Basically a record that my 4 year old son could have made (if I had one). Am I being too drastic? Too hard on Dj Purry Pants? I wouldn't wanna be and those who read my reviews know that I have NEVER been this outspoken about a record... Maybe if this DJ fellow provided some motivation or some notes about this project I could better understand, thus better explain to my readers, but like this, to me these are nothing more than 5 useless senseless 1 minute takes of bullshit that have no reason to exist. Then again this could be the next Frank Zappa genius out there... You never know!

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