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Artist: Einsturzende Neubauten (@)
Title: Perpetuum Mobile
Format: CD
Label: Mute (@)
Distributor: Mute Bank
Rated: *****
It's impressive that after almost a quarter of a century Einsturzende Neubauten is still putting out music, music with a definite and mature character and a soul of its own. Capable of reinventing themselves at every turn without ever getting boring, derivative or nostalgic, consciously or unconsciously, subjectively or objectively, EN teach another seminal lesson in industrial "music" the way it should be, or if else fails, in my opinion, at its best: the art of adapting and employing scrap materials into "musical" compositions. After their 2000 "Silence is Sexy" and their 2001 "Strategies Against Architecture III" anthology, the 1996 "Ende Neu" line up consisting of Bargeld, Hacke, Unruh, Arbeit and Moser, has been busy in their Berlin studio rehearsing songs and ideas that were broadcasted over the internet (at to their premium fans and supporters, who then were able to give feedback and suggestions to the laptop-equipped musicians and engineers. This entirely new creative process has lead the band to re-consider songs that wouldn't have made the record otherwise. "Perpetuum Mobile" is less intensive and noisy than, say, the violent industrial anthems of their trilogy/anthology, but this leaves more room for the Blixa's poetry (in german and english) and gorgeous intimate atmospheres of metallic percussive sounds, electronic sounds and beautifully assembled patterns of creative rhythmical structures. Sure, burst of primordial energy find their way into the tracks, and a feeling of calm anxiety lurks beneath the songs, underneath the surface and beyond the appearances, but where metal has parted there is more space for air, in the form of the sound of air compressors as well as lyrics about wind, storm and other adverse weather conditions. The CD comes out on Mute in a four-folding digipack with nice photography and an extensive booklet with bilingual lyrics. The "perpetual movement" and the continuous metamorphosis that EN has undergone throughout the years is now at a stage where inner and outer beauty as well as airiness and space map out the road ahead, at least until the next stage of their metamorphosis. The butterfly spreads its wings and flys, it is now en route, I am curious to see where to...

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