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Artist: Loewenhertz (@)
Title: Traumfaenger
Format: CD + Download
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Yet another German synthpop duo, this one from Augsburg, consisting of Alexander Pfahler and Andreas Pfeifer. Apparently Alex handles the vocals and Andy does the synthwork. 'Traumfaenger' is their sophomore album after their 2017 debut album, 'Echtzeit'. (Back before 2008 they used to be called L'Image.) Apparently I reviewed 'Echtzeit' some time ago but I can't seem to recall it at all. No matter; it's what's here and now that counts. Undoubtedly it's the Euro market Loewenhertz are aiming for, with half the songs sung in their native German and the other half in English. This is pretty commercial fare for the alternative market with catchy melodies and hooks, not a lot of depth, and styled in the De/Vision, Depeche Mode sort of mode. If you're not up on your Deutsche some of the album might be a challenge lyrically, but it still goes down easy. (The title, 'Traumfaenger' translates to 'Dreamcatcher'.) Though there are a few grey clouds strewn about the atmosphere, songs aren't particularly dark. I'd say that Loewenhertz's brand of synthpop is more likely to appeal to hausfraus in their thirties (and maybe beyond) than a younger audience. American interest will assuredly be limited in spite of their general pop appeal. (Likely in the late '80's or early 90's they might have had a good shot here.) Still, 'Traumfaenger' is not a bad album at all, just not a particularly memorable one to these ears. If you get a chance you should check out their video for "Golden" from this album on YouTube; the gals in it will make it worth your while. :-) For some that just might be enough to but the album.

As a special bonus, the physical album copy does not only present the ten official album tracks but also includes the EP “Vierklangdimensionen” which has only been available in digital form so far, featuring four excellent cover versions: "Dreiklangdimensionen" (Rheingold), "Wenn der Mond die Sonne berührt" (Hubert Kah), "Leuchturm" (Nena) and "Elisabeth" (SnÄp).

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