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Artist: Aidan Casserly
Title: Black Eyes
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: House Of Analogue
Rated: *****
Aidan Casserly is always on the move and just after releasing his newest album as Empire State Human, he's already releasing a mini album of Dead Or Alive re-interpretations. For "Black Eyeas", he picked up five songs, all coming from albums and not as famous as other ones released as singles and re-imagined them acustically. Three out of five ("Then There Was You", "Special Star" and "Come Inside") are coming from "Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know". The original ones have an Euro pop flavor (even more commercial than their most successfull album "Youthquake"), with a bit of orchestration while Aidan versions strip them to the bone and slow them down. Piano, sax, a bit of strings and an intimate atmosphere give to them a new light. "Far Too Hard", from their first album "Sophisticated Boom Boom" already had an orchestral opening and a bit of French dramatic touch, so it was just ready for such treatment. Aidan pushed harder the "drama" pedal and gave a really nice performance (maybe the best of the lot). "My Forbidden Lover" was the closing track of the 1989 album "Nude" and was a dance pop track and in the new version is sounding heartbreaking and with a nice distorted guitar on the backgroud that help building the atmosphere. Nice EP not only for Dead Or Alive fans.

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