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Artist: Eva 00
Title: It's All About The Attitude
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Tropical Animals
Given the title, track names like “Panthers” and “I Don’t Care, I Don’t Care, I Don’t Care”, and the skeleton on the artwork, you might understandably assume that French producer Eva 00’s first EP for Tropical Animals is a bleak and gritty affair, infused with anger and rumbling tones- but in fact it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, it’s a 5-pack of bright and bouncy instrumental house tracks, full of light beats, cosy-sounding slow chords, and with a warm fuzzy and sometimes Balearic vibe.

Opening track “Panthers”, with its gentle The Beloved-esque patterns, running water effects and French conversation-sampling breakdown, is perhaps the simplest track on offer here, and the most open throwback to that pre-sellout Ibiza beach house sound.

Other tracks work out from a similar underlying tone but wander off in different directions. The slightly breakbeat kick of “VR Instrumental”, which brings the subbass very much to the fore, sounds more ‘now’, while “I Don’t Care, I Don’t Care, I Don’t Care” brings to mind the jazzier side of 90’s US house, with some treatments of the standalone vocal sample reminiscent of MK remixes.

“It’s All About The Attitude” is a deeper, and at times slightly muddy-sounding, house affair with a smooth approach, and final track “OK I’m A Thug, But A Thug Needs Love” is along pretty much the same lines but with a more positive EQ and more emphasis on a nicely moderated vocal sample that feels like it’s been borrowed heavily from hip-hop, but washed heavily before use.

It’s not strong on unique character or distinct memorable elements (again, despite the perhaps misleading title and artwork), but if you like your house chilled but not over-simplified, this is worth a listen.

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