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Artist: MIS+RESS (@)
Title: Dispellers
Format: CD + Download
Label: Sound In Silence Records (@)
Rated: *****
MIS+RESS is the ambient solo project of Brian Wenckebach, based in New Jersey, and he is also 1/2 of the electronica/shoegaze duo Elika, experimental/electronica duo Thee Koukouvaya, and lately as a member of Measured, a new collaboration project along with Evagelia Maravelias, the other 1/2 of Elika, and electronic producer and latter-day Tangerine Dream member Ulrich Schnauss. Prior to 'Dispellers' MIS+RESS has released an album and an EP. What Brian does with this project involves mostly effected electronically processed delayed guitar loops, but not so much you can't detect the guitar. In fact, the guitar base is usually quite evident. While these pieces aren’t necessarily what I'd call ambient, there is a certain ambience to them. On the one-sheet, Sound in Silence compares MIS+RESS to Michael Brook, Daniel Lanois, Durutti Column, and July Skies, something that I'd agree with but not in every aspect. There is a gentle and genial melodicism running throughout the eight tracks on 'Dispellers.' You have to love titles such as "Highly Functioning Sleepwalker" and "She Trembles As She Paints," which are somewhat evocative of the music they represent. While not as intense as say, the Fripp & Eno collaborations, the album isn't far off the mark from that kind of thing in places. Still, there is a rudimentary experimental quality about much of the material on ‘Dispellers’ that sounds as if Wenckebach was more interested in amusing himself than in developing thoughtful compositions for a sophisticated audience. That this album is under 30 minutes in time may make it a pleasurable breezy affair, but some may want more bang for the buck. Limited to 200 numbered copies in a custom handmade cardstock envelope.

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