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Artist: This Void Inside (@)
Title: My Second Birth/My Only Death
Format: CD + Download
Label: Agoge Records (@)
Rated: *****
This Void Inside was originally formed in 2003 by Dave Shadow (ex front man of Italian gothic act My Sixth Shadow) as a one man band experimenting new sounds and concepts composing new songs. In 2008 Dave decided to form a real band, put out an album called 'Dust,' played around a bit, then went dark. Flash-forward to 2016, he stated writing again and came up with a new band lineup- guitarists Frank Marrelli and Alberto Sempreboni, and drummer Simone Gerbasi joined the former members Dave Shadow and the bass player Saji Connor, releasing a new album titled 'My Second Birth/My Only Death'.

So this is Gothic Rock, eh? Well you could have fooled me. I suppose the cover looks gothic enough, and the band looks gothic enough dressed in black, with some skull T-shirts, but I guess any band could affect that look. So if this isn't goth-rock what is it? Plain and simple, alternative melodic pop metal. Not a bad thing in its own right I suppose, but it ain't goth. The 14 tracks on this album are just too bright, peppy, slick, polished and um, yes, too mainstream to be gothic in any way at all. Dave Shadow is a very good vocalist, and the rest of the band plays the material to the hilt, but you can't pass 'My Second Birth/My Only Death' off as gothic rock. Even as an alt-melodic-pop-metal band the majority of the material presented here sounds quite derivative. Nowhere is this more evident than on the song “Memories’ Dust,” with a chorus melody I feel like I’ve heard a hundred times before. Maybe that’s enough to get these guys the commercial attention they’re undoubtedly craving, but when it comes to gothic rock, I’m really expecting more. It’s the same kind of not-so spooky material you might equate with Sweden’s GHOST, which in spite of the costumes, masks and makeup are not goth. Yes, there are electro touches (synthesizers, keyboards) here and there in the music but what band (besides the guitar purists) hasn’t been doing that? It doesn’t make it goth. So if you want to keep calling your band gothic, that's your business, and saying “eh, not so much” is mine.

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