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Artist: Niklas Adam
Title: Undulate
Format: CD + Download
Label: Sofa
Niklas Adam’s first release on SOFA is a sparsely populated sonic space, decorated with soft and unpredictable percussion work that is sometimes complimented, tweaked and toyed with by analogue-sounding electronic processing. Other sound-effects noises make little cameos- occasional woodpecker-like noises, odd animalistic and sometimes vocoder-styled vocalisations, and some fleeting appearances from more traditional melodic instrument sounds.

The result feels somewhat old-fashioned, in a positive way- a throwback to the deliberately weird-sounding attitude of electronic experimentation of the 50’s and 60’s, grounded in bubbly analogue blips and beeps, but given an extra dose of breadth and open space to play in, across two long tracks (16 minutes and 19 minutes respectively).

The two pieces flow like one 35-minute whole, and while there is apparently no vinyl release for this, it certainly feels like an arbitrary split only caused by the need to divide it into two sides on an LP- otherwise the two pieces continue in mood and tone indistinguishably to any listener not deliberately watching the track number on their media player.

The most beautiful part of it is how it concludes. After a solid half hour of conscious abstraction that borders on random, soft gentle organ-style chords arrive, feeling like the gradual arrival of soothing calm and order into an alien space. It’s handled rather simply, in a way, but the effect is surprisingly bold.

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