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Artist: Going to Catalunya
Title: s/t
Format: CD + Download
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Going To Catalunya is the "Independent Acoustic Wave Pop" project of the Dutch duo of Rob Keyzers (White Rose Transmission) and Frank Weyzig (Born For Bliss, White Rose Transmission). Well, at least I'm familiar with Weyzig and Born For Bliss; he used to be with Clan of Xymox and I reviewed positively a B4B album a few years back. Can't say I know anything about the other outfit though. You have to realize that this is just a couple of friends getting together to do a primarily acoustic (guitar, piano) art pop project, and not a real rock band, although that's where they're from. Some elements used here may be misleading though - electronic keyboards, programmed drums, electric guitars, etc., so it's not solely acoustic, just somewhat acoustic based. The concept (and by association, the project's name) was initially focused around Rob Keyzer's life journey to Spain, including the people and events involved during this period of time. The project (in total) comprises paintings, photos, stories and music. The painting can be seen in the cover artwork and also throughout the 12 page booklet. One song ("Polaroids") is dedicated lyrically to photographs and memories. As for the music, it definitely has a melancholy bent in a somewhat progressive skein. If you could imagine Anthony Phillips (first guitarist of Genesis, more pastoral since his departure) replacing Dave Gilmour in Pink Floyd, you might have some idea of what this sounds like. Anyone expecting any kind of heavy rock or snappy songs is bound to be disappointed. It's much more introspective than that, although lyrically, not what I'd call deep. Some will undoubtedly find that Going to Catalunya resonates very well with them. For me, although well-crafted, it was a bit too soporific for my taste.

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