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Artist: Sigh Of Relief
Title: Injection
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
After over two decades of indie rock and shoegaze guitar work as part of Bedhead and The New Year, Bubba Kadane here tinkers with an instrumental ambient side project under new alias Sigh Of Relief, from which this is the first release.

“Injection” is a single-track, 40 minute, purely electronic work of resolute quietness. Gentle synthetic textures ebb very slowly back and forth, with gradual shifts so slow as to be imperceptible to the passive listener. In parts it sounds breathy, and faintly vocal-like, but at other times there’s a greater emphasis on long sustained synth keys that loosely contemplate adhesion to rhythm. At another, this feels like constant industrial or electric hum that has been reverberated into unrecognisable waves; although it is generally quite lightweight, low on bass drone and more frequently to be found whistling casually away at higher frequencies. Every sound remains distant and hard to pin down.

The volume levels are deliberately low throughout, as though the sound openly invites interaction with other ambient sounds that may be present during listening. With noise-cancelling headphones, this release would border on sonic deprivation therapy at times.

As a first ambient release goes, it’s a ‘safe’ release that fully understands the value of simplicity and doesn’t attempt too much, either musically or meaningfully. Uniqueness or distinguishing characteristics may not be present in abundance, but nevertheless it’s an extremely well executed ambient piece with a powerful capacity to relax the mind.

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