Music Reviews

Artist: Ghost Vision
Title: Mirdoar / Ozen
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: P&F
“Belearic slow burners” is what these two tracks are pitched as, and it’s an apt description. Leisurely, organic house grooves, smooth keys and pads that channel 80’s pop ballads, and a jazzy piano that somehow manages to avoid sounding cheesy even when technically it’s definitely cheesy, it’s a confidently relaxed pair of tracks for sunbathing.

First track “Mirdaor” is a fairly simple seven-minute groove without much progression, and fine for it, while “Ozen” is a more ambitious twelve minute number that draws you in with sweet what-world-music-sounded-like-in-the-90’s atmospherics and some nicely indulgent breakdowns that are electronica with an endearingly backwards-looking feel.

Some may find it so close to lift musak for comfort, but for me it’s deftly handled and well-made lounge-house.

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