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Author: Diane Wolkstein (@)
Title: Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Perennial
Rated: *****

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This book comes highly recommended as the most informative book written so far regarding the goddess Inanna of ancient cultures. The Sumerian hymns and stories included are translated from the actual cuneiform tablets which compose the most complete collection of these writings so far. This book is an excellent read for anyone interested in learning about Inanna whether for personal (spiritual) reasons or for historical reasons this book is essential. Interestingly enough I found my introduction to these ancient writings a bit revealing. It seems that not only were the Sumerians to hold what is known as the first story of creation in the huluppu tree which predates the biblical Genesis by thousands of years but it seems that they also wrote the first erotica for there are many references to Inanna's vulva in the text. Following the stories and hymns are some very informative commentaries. These give some interesting information regarding the "cradle of civilization" and its history, culture and literature. It also discusses the deciphering process and the history of the finding of the tablets and the process of putting the pieces together. You will also find some interpretive discussion regarding the text and annotation about the art used in the book which are mostly photos of pictographs and sculptures from ancient Sumeria.

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